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Welcome: Chengdu Mailing Instrument Ltd.
Language: Chinese ∷  English



Chengdu Mailing Instrument Ltd.      Located in the Western Industrial Park, Hi-Tech Zone,Chengdu Mailing instrument Co.,Ltd is a solely foreign -owned enterprise of Mecmesin UK Ltd.  With neat factory building and quiet environment, Chengdu Mailing adjacent to many high-tech development industrial zones in which only takes 20 minutes to downtown of Chengdu.       Established in 1977, Mecmesin UK Ltd owns more than 30 years experience in Force and Torque testing and manufacture with product enjoy grea...



Contact: Harry

Phone: 400 163 1198

Tel: 028-87848735

Email: sales@mailing-instrument.com

Add: No.8 Baiye Road, Western Zone Hi-Tech Zone, Chengdu City Sichuan Province, P.R of China

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